Idle DungeonKnights

Idle DungeonKnights

Idle DungeonKnights 1.20.07 for Android

The description of Idle DungeonKnights

The sealed dragon Kaprian is trying to break its seal to get resurrected. Only you can save this world.

Game Features

● This is a high-quality action RPG game that you can easily enjoy.

● The characters automatically move and fight.

● You can grow your character by combining and reinforcing items.

● You can make your character even stronger through reincarnation.

You can see the story of Dungeon Knights under the settings of the game.

Terms and Conditions
By downloading and using Dungeon Knights, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Authorization Requirements

- If you don’t allow the following permissions, it is not possible to play the game.
Account (GET_ACCOUNTS): This is necessary for sign-in in Google Play games and user verification.

This is necessary for the temporary
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