Hotel Elevator: Lift simulator

Hotel Elevator: Lift simulator

Hotel Elevator: Lift simulator for Android

The description of Hotel Elevator: Lift simulator

Can't decide what you like more: fun hotel games or serving games? Then this elevator simulator game is for you! Join the Hotel Elevator - addictive mobile game, write your own doorman story and let the mysterious adventure begin.

Play elevator simulator and enjoy the grand hotel mania. Pump your time management skills and discover new levels of the crazy hotel. Experience various lift facilities as a concierge boy.

Every day the resort hotel welcomes guests from all over the world: Ghosts, resort tycoons, citizens, couples, and businessmen come to the crazy hotel to spend a dream vacation. The resort hotel team works without a weekend and improves hotel service. The concierge will gladly deliver guests on their floors.

There are a lot of leisure activities in the hotel simulator. Guests relax, sunbathe, walk and dream that the rest will continue. The doorman not just manages the hotel's lift, he helps vacationers to get vivid memories of the dream vacation. You can meet unusual passengers... Maybe a resort tycoon will be your guest tonight. Now, let your doorman story begin!

The Hotel concierge every day helps guests to get to the right floor. Play, discover new levels, develop your resort story and get a reward. Make your lifter work hard and improve crazy hotel service daily.

Dash and solve all the problems of the guests, eliminate accidents. Hotel mania is all around! Boost your doorman career and become the best employee.

Press the right button to help your guests get to their floors in this grand hotel mania game! Work hard! Stay calm and quickly respond to the situation.

🏨 Play this serving game and create new doorman stories in unique hotels:

  • Classic - it's an ideal hotel to start a concierge career.

  • Rich - you have achieved your career success, a richer hotel awaits.

  • Horror - get ready to meet supernatural guests. Keep calm and do work!

  • Criminal - you have reached new heights. The new hotel seems to have been built by Al Capone.

  • Space - new times have come. Meet alien guests in the new space hotel.

  • Adventure - take on the role of Indiana Jones and escape hotel ancient traps.

  • Sport - lifting is the main hobby of your guests.

  • Superhero - rescuing hotel guests from super villains is the task of superheroes.

  • Cyberpunk - become a Blade Runner-style hotel concierge.

✨ What do more fun things bring to this lift simulator game?

  • Cute characters and guests: demons, ghosts, and resort tycoons;

  • Concierge customization, designable looks, and costumes;

  • Unlock lots of unique hotels locations;

  • Open more floors.

The lifter manages the elevator and provides high-quality hotel service. Come to our resort hotel and see that operating an elevator is fun! Enjoy this breathtaking elevator simulator. Hurry up, your dream vacation is over, join the friendly crazy hotel team, choose the best among time-management games!

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