Thinkly - Explore your passion

Thinkly - Explore your passion

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The description of Thinkly - Explore your passion

Thinkly is one of the best social media apps, where creators can exchange ideas with people having common interests and earn via subscriptions.

If you have been wondering about how to build a strong community, you have come to the right place! Thinkly is one of the top social media apps where you can discover, engage and learn with people having similar interests. Feel free to share about your passion in words or in the form of videos, podcasts, live casts and build a large subscriber base. We encourage bloggers, thinkers, undiscovered voices, journalists to publish their thoughts without the fear of trolling. So, feel free to share and write things from your perspective.

Get access to special content creators' top-notch published content and tips from premium content creators with exceptional writing backgrounds - articles which will shift your perspective and help change your worldview.

So pen down your thoughts, build a unique community and stay connected.

Why Thinkly is one of the most trending social media apps?:

Focus on your passion
With Thinkly, you can create your publication in a few clicks. Create multiple publications about your favourite topics in a few clicks. And if you like, collaborate with other co-authors. We’ve got the tech, distribution and payments covered.

Be independent
No click-bait headlines. No dopamine-based monetization. No answering to a boss. Just create what makes you proud. Be your own boss!

Get Discovered
Our AI helps audiences find you based on their interests. Leaving you to focus on what you do best - share your thoughts, your perspective on life.

Creative Control
Post in multiple ways - blogs, videos, podcasts and live cast streams. Your content, publish it your way!

Enjoy a troll-free experience
Use our PRIVLIC feature to engage with your readers in a safe, troll-free manner.
Earn via subscriptions
Create premium content and earn via subscriptions.

Respond with a Thinkly!
Read a Thinkly about artificial intelligence that makes you want to share your perspective on the same topic? Or see an article or video online about current affairs that you have a strong opinion about? Just use the ‘Respond with a Thinkly’ feature to express yourself. We will tag the original Thinkly post, article or video, to drive consensus without losing the original context!

Go beyond sharing perspectives
Thinkly allows you to follow interesting and inspiring people from around the world. Take your thinking forward through continued conversations via our Inbox feature.

Thinkly is about you. Your love for expression of your passion. Got some feedback or ideas for improvement? Ping us at [email protected]. Or better still, share a Thinkly! We are listening.
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