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The description of Times Radio - News & Podcasts

Enjoy Times Radio’s well-informed, entertaining and useful conversations, hosted by some of the most noted and respected presenters in Britain.

From Westminster to the Premier League, Times Radio offers lively debate from a range of personalities with expert understanding of the stories that matter.

Times Radio is always in tune with what’s going on in Britain and around the globe, providing information, opinion and company, 24/7.

Download our new talk radio app to listen to diverse and thought-provoking discussions on the latest stories across politics, arts, sports, and entertainment on both a local and global scale.

Why Listen to Times Radio?

Listen to the shows you want, when you want - you can now listen to your favourite shows of the week at any time within seven days of airing. With the ability to scrub forwards and backwards, accessing the best of our shows is easy.

Organise which shows you want to listen to - we provide a 15 day schedule so that you can plan when you want to listen to your favourite shows.

Navigate to our editorial app - effortlessly navigate between our apps so you can find the right mix of The Times and The Sunday Times content.

Catch up on the latest award-winning podcasts from leading journalists at The Times and The Sunday Times.

Radio Show Presenters include:
• Matt Chorley
• Mariella Frostrup
• John Pienaar
• Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell
• Jenny Kleeman and Luke Jones
• Cathy Newman
• Michael Portillo

Download Times Radio app to listen to the most engaging radio talk shows!

Your opinion is central to us maintaining and developing our app, please get in touch with
any feedback by emailing [email protected]

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Our app can be used on Android 8 and above, although we recommend that you stay up to date with the latest operating system if possible. We routinely test on a mixture of the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F), S9+ (SM-G965F), S20 (SM-G981F), Note 10 (SM-N970F), Note 10+ (SM-N975F), Note 20 (SM-N980F) and A20e (SM-A202F)

Huawei Mate 20 Pro (LYA-L09), Mate 30 (TAS-L09), P30 (ELE-L29), P40 (ANA-AN00) and Y9 (JKM-LX1)

OnePlus 8 (IN2013), OnePlus 9 (LE2113) and OnePlus Nord (AC2001).

Times Radio is operated by Wireless. The trade mark, Times Radio, is used by Wireless under a licence from Times Newspapers Limited.
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