Micky 1.3 for Android

The description of Micky

Micky is the best voice changer and karaoke microphone live!

With the app you can use your phone's microphone as a regular microphone and output sound to external speakers such as JBL, Sony and Bose.

With Micky you can sing karaoke without a microphone with just a phone and a connected speaker via bluetooth.

The app is handy to use when you need a megaphone. Support headphones and work like a sound amplifier.

One of the useful features of the app is the ability to change your voice, now you can talk like a robot, child or with a simulation as if you are in a tunnel, under water, valley. Use these sound effects when you want to make fun of your friends.

Plus with Micky Pro you can record audio, and after playing it like voice memos.

Auto tune your voice, sing karaoke, make pranks!
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